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ELIB’s Founder & Creative Director Lynsey was inspired by the blank canvas walls of her son’s daycare centre back in 2019 which sparked the creation of a series of ELIB’s sensory and interactive boards to help enhance the children’s learning environment. With a background in theatre set production and education this project enabled her to design a range of interactive products some of which are made from recyclable materials. Creative collaboration with Yemi, ELIB's Operations Director, led to further expansion of the product range and planted the seed for an exciting business venture. ELIB Pty Ltd was founded by Lynsey and Yemi in 2020 to offer handmade high-quality interactive and sensory products, ideal for educational, disability, hospitality and rehabilitation environments.

Yemai and Lynsai c.jpg

We are committed to the importance of using sustainable and environmentally friendly products when choosing all our materials and working with partners. Where possible the materials used in the manufacture of the ELIB products are recyclable. ELIB's team head out to source recyclable materials from Reverse Garbage in Marrickville, Sydney for use in manufacturing our Pipe Play products.

Our products allow children to interact collaboratively, investigate processes of play and develop various problem-solving skills. It enables them to combine complex sensory, gross and fine motor movement through manipulating equipment and various movement patterns. These boards will develop their social and emotional well being, engage with situations and their reflective thinking.

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