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The Mother Earth Puzzle Board is a beautifully crafted interactive puzzle board that helps children learn the Darug language. Each puzzle piece features various words in the Darug language, accompanied by a vibrant illustration created by a First Nations artist. As children solve the puzzle, they not only develop their problem-solving skills but also learn important words and phrases from the Darug Nation. This puzzle board is not only educational but also a great way to support and promote the preservation of Indigenous languages and culture.


This puzzle provides hours of entertainment but also serves as a platform to raise awareness and appreciation for Aboriginal art and culture.


    • 100% Australian made jigsaw puzzle

    • 3mm MDF material

    • 100% Australia timber pulp

    • 100% recycled plantation Forest product

    • Certified EO emissions

    • Full colour prints (front and rear)

    • 100% high quality vegetable extract-based inks

    • Certified ISO 8124

    • Shipped within 2 weeks

    • Small: 295mm X 205mm

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