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ELIB provides workshops that include DJ classes, arts and crafts, capoeira classes, musical instrument making and playing and folklore storytelling.

We can also manage and host kid's spaces at festivals and kid's parties.

Music Board Cultural Workshop - Including the use of Pipe Play 4

Maximum 10 children per session


The workshop is broken down into three parts where the children will learn about Brazilian folklore storytelling of the Amazon rainforest, group participation in music and learning rhythms and songs whilst incorporating some capoeira-inspired movements.  There is also an arts & crafts element in creating a music shaker and we incorporate elements of ELIB's Music Board which they can explore and play sounds on.

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What They're Saying...

What They're Saying....

Joe Figliano (Unity Co-Organiser & Event Manager)

"It was such a pleasure having ELIB at our festival. The setup looked very interesting and the children had a great time. We had amazing feedback from the parents regarding how well the children were entertained, educated, and cared for. We are definitely inviting ELIB to join us again next year. "

Courtney Webster (Montessori Educator)

"ELIB came to the Kids Space Unity festival with a mindset of creating something unique and inspiring for children to engage in spontaneous and structured play activities for children aged 3-12. The design and layout had a beautiful array of ELIB boards that children could not resist getting their hands on. From an educator this was most pleasing for the parents to observe the children's problem solve and express and engage with others in a cooperative learning environment! We also had an Amazon rainforest and a chill out space and we even created a kids tribe sign! I am grateful to ELIB for putting their heart and soul into creating something wonderful for our future generation."


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